Diaper Covers

A friend, who is quite the photographer, had a baby this past week. She wanted diaper covers for her little boy and I couldn’t wait to try making some. I love how they turned out. They were so tiny I couldn’t imagine that they would ever fit him. It was shocking to see the pictures on her site. They are a little baggy, but so cute.

I had to put my tiny kiwi in them too.

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A surprise in the mail

I received a mysterious box in the mail the other day. It made my day! I had no idea what it was and couldn’t wait to find out. The box was so cute that I was absolutely intrigued and captivated. I had to photograph the entire event.

Just look at it!

Even the rain is a perfect touch.

The return address is darlingWhat’s in the box? Of course! A darling birdie and nest.

Under the paper?How much Styrofoam? The card! My first clue!Oh! I remember now.

It’s prefect!This is where I stopped opening. A week before I entered a contest on a great cooking blog, Our Family Treat. I won a Star from KurtKnudsen. It’s called the Claudette Star, naturally it is my Mother’s Day gift for my mom, Claudette. I can’t wait for her to see the wonderful gift and the amazing details that went into the packaging.

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I saw this picture a few weeks back and was beside myself with joy. They arrived and I’ve been sewing them onto all of my creations. I love them!

I bought them from worldwidelabel.etsy.com

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She’s Here!

My 2nd cousin was born March 22. Bijou is beautiful! My mom finished the blanket for her. Isn’t it gorgeous? I wish I had her skills. She used the owl wing as her inspiration. I love it.

Here’s a closer look at some of the detail. 

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Shower Gift

My cousin and his wife are expecting their first child this month. Their shower was unbelievable. My Aunt Maggie is an event planner. I wish that I’d had a camera at this shower, it was perfect. The hardest thing about showers, for me, is thinking of a meaningful and useful gift. The theme was “Childhood books.”  We were asked to bring our favorite book. When they opened the gift we wrote a note to the sweet baby, inside the front cover.

I picked a book that my kiddies love to read, In My Tree and I made a cute stuffed owl to be snuggled. I hope this baby loves the gifts.

I love his wing.

My mom is crocheting a blanket to match his wing. I’ll take a picture when it’s all ready. Ummm, crocheting, so pretty.

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Ben’s Shorts

This was made for my baby sister Amanda, for Christmas. I based the quilt around one print. Its houndstooth from the 1980’s!
The border for this square is a tiny houndstooth made from old shorts. They belonged to my oldest brother. He passed away 18 years ago and my sister has held onto these ever since. She’s hoped to find a way to use them and handed them to me a few months ago. She wanted me to make something brilliant with them. I think it was a success, they look amazing in their new home with sweet owls and other fun b and w prints. She can’t wear the shorts, but she can snuggle in them.
I quilted some swirls in the white space and quilted some more random designs within the squares.
I think she liked it. I like it.
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Derek’s Puffy Quilt

Derek, my husband, wanted a quilt. I made him one following the same pattern that I made for Amanda. It was hard to make without him seeing it, but I did it. He also wanted it puffy, like a tied quilt. Care told me once that the fatter the batting the harder to quilt…holy shiznit! It’s true!
Have you ever seen a quilted puffy quilt?
Neither have I. Tied quilts are puffy. Quilted quilts are mostly flat.
What do you do then when you sweet Husband wants a puffy quilt?
Oh! I have an idea!
Use Soft N Craft Poly-fil Extra-loft batting and quilt with small circles every 4-6 inches!
I made three or four pencil-eraser sized circles 2″-5″ apart one a-top each other then moved onto the next circle.
Is it bad if I like the front, and LOVE the back? The back. The black is Kona. Shocking, I know.
Derek approves!  It totally worked!
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