Another Angry Birds Party

Thing 2 insisted on having his own Angry Birds party. It was fun stuff.
The invite
The games: Angry Bird, Pig!
Pin the crown on the King Pig.
Dodge the pig, dodge the bird.
 The cup-cakes
Blowing out the candles
 The cousin making his red-bird red-frostingly.
The party favors were the shirts. I printed birds and pigs on iron on transfers and transferred them onto some white shirts. They were cute.
 The Blackbird birthday cake for the family.
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I made C a cute little i-spy bag before Church Sunday.

I don’t know who enjoyed it more. The kids or the parents, aunts and uncle.

The stuff inside.

A friend, through the blogosphere, was doing a service project and I had to jump on board. Stephanie is married to an old friend from my Freshman year at BYU-H and I adore her. She’s one of those people that is so interesting and fun to learn about that she doesn’t seem totally real. It was so fun to take part in her project from across the ocean. I didn’t know if I would get it to her in time so I finished the quilt and mailed the finished project.

The waves were an accident. I didn’t realize that the aloha print was a poly-cotton (until I started to sew, but I was so excited by the aloha print that I didn’t want to change it. I also did it all in one night so there was no turning back.) and that doesn’t shrink the same as the cotton. Well, good thing the waves are beautiful in Hawaii. I hope someone in the care facility enjoys this lap quilt.

C’s toes on the nose. Hang ten!

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Angry Birds Birthday Party!

My son was inspired by the Angry Birds game to have an Angry Birds birthday party. It was a wild success. He helped me some pre-party-prep, he and his baby brother stuffed 17 Angry Birds. (I used the pattern created by Care at Obsessively Stitching it is a fantastic tutorial and so easy to follow!) I ran out of time and didn’t get all the beaks put on, when I get them I’ll post the full line-up.
Even though he discovered them that morning he was still excited to open them for the first game of the day. C’s cousin was patiently waiting for his turn at Angry Bird, Angry Bird, Pig!
The second game was shoot an Angry bird at a pig. We only had 2 AB’s hit their target, but it was fantastic to hear the birds shatter on the ground or the fence. C was all over the sling shot and had some great shots.

We then played dodge bird. I must admit that I was greatly impressed. C won one game and was the last standing in the remaining two games. I guess his t-ball practice is paying off.

Lastly we hit the King Pig with a noodle. I made the bird targets/piñata the day before from paper máché. If I do that again I’ll make it a week before and do a few layers, This was too fragile to hit with a bat, but the noodle showed creativity (to see how the kids would hit it) and still got the job done.

This boy was my favorite of all to watch. He kept saying “Die pig! Die!” He is also one of the most gentile and kind-hearted kids I know, that just made his death-clamations so much more entertaining. 

C wanted cupcakes. I was a bit crafted out so I took a shortcut and I love how these turned out.I made sugar cookies (black bird, blue bird, red bird, mustache pig and the golden egg) and flooded them with royal icing to make the birds. I should have taken a picture of them before they were bagged, but I forgot. I also didn’t get a picture of the red bird…sad! He is my favorite of the birds. These were the “Angry birds” that we shot out of the sling shot. There were 72 eggs that I hollowed out over the month and then spray painted AB colors. 

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Jonathan’s baby girl’s quilt and cover

My SIL also had me make some things for her brother’s upcoming baby.

We searched online for a while and found this quilt. We used the same Alexander Henry fabric as in the quilt that inspired us, but toned the borders down a bit. Jess loved it, I’m so glad that she did too. It was a fun and quick quilt to make. 

Ever since my trip to Kenya in 2009 I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for elephants. I put this darling elephant in the very center and I love it.
My cute taggie-tag.Jess had her friend embroider the babies name onto the quilt. It is the perfect touch! This is backed with pink minky. Minky usually makes me want to pull my hair out but I finally found a new trick and I love it. Spray basting. It solved the whole mess and it washed out and the little dimples popped right back out. I will use minky again soon!

Jess’s SIL loves butterflies so I made her this silly stuffed toy, brown wings on one side and pink on the other. I love his antenna.
She also asked for a car seat canopy with butterflies. I found this darling fabric, Just Wing It by, Metre. It was perfect.

I had never used pom-pom’s before and they will be used only for very special occasions from now on. I love how it turned out. 

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Israel’s Baby Girl’s Quilt

My sweet sister in law hired me to make a number of things. I loved making this quilt. It’s my fall-back simple quilt and I love it. This may be my all time favorite of these quilts. The giraffe’s are killing me!

My SIL loves ladybugs too.

Pink with the white.

My cute tag!

I hope he liked this great blanket. It’s so fun to make things for little girls!

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Simple Baby Blanket

I made this for sweet baby Lucy. They were hoping for a boy and got a girl and are thrilled with their little girl. I made her a girly and blue gift. I hope she likes it.

I like how the L turned out.

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Genealogy Quilt

I was hired to quilt this genealogical quilt for a sweet 80 year-old woman’s birthday. It was beautiful and I loved the challenge. Each frame houses a picture of her children, parents, grandchildren, etc. Close-up of birthday girl.

More detail.

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